Industries we work in

Our services are largely aimed at the following industries throughout South Africa:


Multilingualism SA provides language services to the financial services sector, thus acting as an enabler in that sector’s quest to meet the requirements of relevant legislation.


We provide language services that strategically support utilities in, among others, their revenue collection efforts, strengthening customer relations, and reducing service delivery issues.


By providing a whole range of language services to this sector, Multilingualism SA contributes to improving safety records and connecting the sector with the communities within which it operates.


Multilingualism SA connects the energy sector with the communities within which it operates; extracting community buy-in for projects through providing language services.  We contribute to minimising and actually eliminating safety incidents among employees and the public.  These services should also contribute immensely to bridging the communication gap, which often results in non-payment for services in this sector.


We use our language skills to improve customer relations and facilitate customer satisfaction and retention.


Multilingualism SA aims to support government in its efforts to make information accessible to communities through making our training skills available, specifically in the fields of report writing and the taking down of minutes and legal statements.  We will also provide language-related services aimed at supporting government in its drive to protect and preserve our arts, culture, and heritage, thus advancing social cohesion and democracy.  The platform for local and international dialogue will be used as a vehicle to bring the business sector on board the multilingualism debate in the country.